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Welcome to WellDyne

Plan Name: Children’s Mercy Prescription Drug Plan

Effective Date:  July 1, 2021

Welcome to WellDyne! We’re here to help you get the most value from your prescription benefits. Explore the plans below to learn more about your prescription coverage options and select the best plan to meet your needs.

What is changing?

ID cards. In June, you’ll receive a new ID card, which you should use starting July 1 at retail pharmacies, even for refills. The pharmacy will need your ID card details to process the refill.

Formulary. Some medications may change formulary tiers starting July 1 and may require a higher, nonpreferred copay. If you’re currently taking a medication that will move to a higher tier, you will be allowed to continue taking that medication without paying the nonpreferred copay until Oct. 1, 2021. In June, you’ll receive information in the mail from WellDyne that will provide details and instructions on how to move to lower-cost alternatives.


  • Copays for generic retail and generic mail-order prescriptions will increase minimally.
  • Copay Maximums for Preferred Brand medications will increase from $60 to $75.
  • Copays for specialty medications will be – 30% for generic and preferred brands, 50% for non-preferred brands, up to $200 maximum.

Prior authorizations. If you have an active prior authorization in place today at MedImpact, it will transfer to WellDyne on July 1.